One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to lace up my running shoes and go for a run. Seeing a new to me – or favorite destination on foot always helps me understand a place better – as well as giving me an insider’s perspective on daily life wherever I might be running. Since there are still many cities and countries where my running shoes have not explored – I invited several other running travelers to share there where to run stories – and am excited to introduce our first guest contributor to the Traveler’s Guide of Where to Run.

Meet Coco – a 40-something wife, mother, attorney and runner. She blogs at Running With Perseverance.

This year business travel has taken me to some very lovely places, from Boston to Brussels, from Miami to Marburg, and from Chicago to Copenhagen. My meetings and schedules don’t always leave time for a run, but I pack my running clothes just in case. Going for a run while I’m on a business trip is a great way to get outside, see the sights and adjust to the time difference. It doesn’t take a lot of preparation – I pack a few sets of running clothes and my Garmin – and usually the hotel concierge or the people I’m visiting can suggest good routes. It makes my trips a lot more enjoyable, and I get a better sense of the place I am visiting than I would from just attending my meetings.

On my most recent trip to Copenhagen, Denmark – I was able to fit in three runs, so I thought I’d share scenes from my favorite 6.5 mile route.

Where to run in Copenhagen

Where to run in Copenhagen Denmark | LiveDoGrow

I started at my hotel, which was near the main train station in Copenhagen. My original goal was to reach the Little Mermaid bronze and granite statue – that was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale  (“Den Lille Havfrue” in the map), but as you can see – I didn’t quite make it there. 

The first stretch along the water was somewhat industrial, but then I came to these handsome old buildings.

Where to run in Copenhagen Denmark | LiveDoGrow 

Soon after that, I was treated to this canal view!

Where to run in Copenhagen Denmark | LiveDoGrow

Before I crossed into the Kastellet (the pentagon-shaped fort just below the Little Mermaid, also known as the Citadel), I stopped to admire St. Alban’s Anglican Church.

Where to run in Copenhagen Denmark | LiveDoGrow

As I made my way back to the hotel, I paused for a picture at Frederik’s Church.

Where to run in Copenhagen Denmark | LiveDoGrow

I hope to have the chance to return to Copenhagen – so I can run all the way around the Kastellet, and see the statue of Little Mermaid.

Follow all of Coco’s running travel adventures at Running With Perseverance, or on Twitter or Instagram.

Do you have a favorite running route from a recent trip? Email Elena at livedogrow {at} gmail {dot} com to contribute to the traveler’s guide of where to run.



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