Many of you have asked for ways to create more everyday wellness moments at home or on the road. Today, I have something that I think may just change your life (or at the very least – your aches and pains).

Chances are good that you have heard of Uber, the on-demand car service that has revolutionized taxi-like transportation. Maybe you have even used it. What if I told you that the same philosophy behind on-demand service had spread to the world of massage? A service that caters to travelers and locals in 13 cities around the United States – where a massage is literally a click away. Yup…it is that easy with Soothe – which just launched in Washington DC.

Soothe On-Demand Massage in Washington DC | LiveDoGrow


I used to think that getting a massage was a luxurious indulgence. A gift. But over the years (read miles of running combined with hours of sitting at my desk) I have learned that a massage is more than just a way to relax.

Massages are tools for body maintenance. They are preventative as well as rehabilitative and have helped me bounce back from marathons, long hours on a plane, challenging hikes and the day to day toll that sitting at my desk takes on my body.

Many of us think we need a reason to get a massage. Or rather, are not even sure where to start when it comes to finding the perfect massage therapist to work out all the knots you didn’t even realize you had. And although I am a loyalist in many things (especially hair salons) – and I do think there is a benefit to working with the same massage therapist over time so that they get to know all of your hot spots – there is something to be said for having convenient access to a great massage no matter where you are.

So when I first heard about Soothe – I was intrigued.

What is Soothe?

Soothe is “a massage-on-demand service and app” that covers Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Miami/Dade, Orange County, Silicon Valley, New York City, Austin, San Diego, Washington DC, Seattle, Dallas and Chicago. With Soothe, a licensed, certified massage therapist comes to you in your home, office or hotel room with as little as 60 minutes advance notice for Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or Couples treatments of 60, 90 or 120 minutes. The price is fixed (and includes gratuity and taxes) and can be scheduled via the iOS or Android App, online or via a toll-free number. (Also? The price for the massages is incredibly reasonable. $139 for a 90-minute deep tissue massage is unheard of in most major cities.)

Soothe On-Demand Massage in Washington DC | LiveDoGrow

Soothe on-demand massage Washington DC | LiveDoGrow

Sounds like a no-brainer right? My mind started to think about all the possible scenarios where a Soothe massage would be beneficial.

  • Plan a massage with Soothe first thing after a long flight or trip – whether you are heading home or just starting your personal or business travel. (Especially if you are like me and more often than not fly in the sardine can of economy where stretching space is limited).
  • Take time for yourself with a mid-day work break in your office.
  • Help aching muscles recover after a challenging workout, endurance event or destination race with a massage.
  • Traveling to a work conference? What if you scheduled a massage with Soothe at the end of the day?
  • Reserve a couples massage for a special date activity with your partner whether you are home or traveling.
  • Just because! Use Soothe anytime that you want to create an everyday wellness moment wherever you are.

I could keep going…but you get the point. A massage is always a good idea, but the convenience of Soothe makes the benefits that much better especially considering the on-the-go and on-demand nature of the service. (Because ahem…I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about scheduling a massage for weeks until I finally decide to pick up the phone and find out that nothing is available.)

My Soothe massage experience

I recently had the opportunity to give Soothe a try in my DC area home. I love the fact that even though Soothe just launched in Washington DC, they already cover many of the area suburbs and scheduled a 90-minute Deep Tissue massage for a post-long run afternoon.

Scheduling the massage was easy peasy. I reserved my massage several days in advance, knowing that my body would need the work after a 10-mile run. You are able to indicate any preferences (like the gender of your massage therapist), issues or specifics in the app. I received a text to confirm my appointment. When it came time for my treatment, my massage therapist arrived promptly (even a few minutes early), equipped with a table, linens, and music to recreate a spa-like-feel. My therapist stepped into the bathroom to wash his hands while I got myself ready on the table and I almost forgot that I was in the middle of my bedroom (instead of an established spa) and that my husband was downstairs.

Deep-tissue massages are not designed to be relaxing per se, but my shoulders, upper back and hamstrings were very thankful for the work. I was impressed by the professionalism, quality and overall convenience of the entire experience. My parents have been longtime fans of in-home massages and now I understand why. Instead of having to get dressed and get into a car, or walk home – the benefits of the massage and relaxation are extended when you can simply put your bathrobe back on and drink a cup of tea in your home. The same would apply to a hotel room after a long day of travel. I cannot think of anything better than scheduling a Soothe massage as a way to unwind after a long day – without worries about anything else on my to-do list before I get ready to sleep.

Would I schedule another Soothe massage? Yes. Without a doubt. Both at home and while I am traveling, the app and service are a wellness tool for taking care of your mind and body no matter where you are.

Use LDG30 for $30 off your first Soothe massage

Soothe Massage discount code | LiveDoGrow

I am happy to announce that Soothe has gently offered a $30 off discount code for first-time users just for YOU. Whether you live in or are traveling to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Miami/Dade, Orange County, Silicon Valley, New York City, Austin, San Diego, Washington DC, Seattle, Dallas and Chicago – you will want to schedule a massage with Soothe with this incredibly generous discount.

To schedule your Soothe on-demand massage appointment:

  1. Go to OR download the iOS or Android app (
  2. Start the account signup process. There will be a box to enter a Promo code on the Signup screen (enter the promo code LDG30). Without a promo code, customers pay $99, $139 or $169 depending on treatment length.
  3. The platform will ask you to select what type of massage (Swedish, deep tissue, sports, couples), the treatment length, and the gender of the massage therapist. (Couples requires another therapist.)
  4. Enter the address of service and any notes about parking issues to facilitate the therapist’s ability to access the destination (for hotel guests, Soothe asks the client to cover the cost of parking at hotel).
  5. Soothe will ask for your credit card for billing.
  6. Soothe then sends a confirmation to your email. Not able to download the app? Call a toll-free number (800.960.7668) during business hours to reserve your appointment.


I received the Soothe 90-minute Deep Tissue massage in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own (and I am pretty critical when it comes to a great massage).



Written by Elena Sonnino

Elena Sonnino

Chaser of Dreams. Life coach, wellness and travel writer, yogini, former teacher, adventure seeker, hiker, foodie …and oh right, cancer survivor. Elena writes about finding everyday wellness in far-flung lands and in her own backyard in the Washington D.C. suburbs.


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