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What Are You Proud Of?

Once upon a time if you’d asked me what I was proud of, my mind would have turned to answers that involve BIG achievements. Achievements that I had to work hards to achieve or that are symbolic of major pivots in my life. Running a marathon (or 5). Leaving a career I...

10 Essentials to Get Ready For Adventure Travel

Adventure travel often conjures thoughts of bucket list experiences and must-see destinations. And in many cases, adventure travel does live up to the hype. But what some travellers forget about is that in some cases, these types of journeys require a degree of...

9 Namibia Memories You Might Not Expect

“Once you go into the desert, there’s no going back. And when you can’t go back, you only have to worry about the best way of moving forward.” Paulo Coelho I’ve been finding it difficult to write about traveling to Namibia. Our tour group drove 2,984...

Footsteps in the Sand

Have you ever noticed the footsteps while you walked on the beach or on a sand dune? How they appear and disappear?  Choices are like footsteps in the sand. Some make a lasting imprint until the tide (or wind) sweeps away any trace. Some linger with just enough of a...

A Dreamy Guide To Adventure Travel Destinations

I believe in adventure travel. For the experience. For the immersion in a moment. For the potential transformation. But also? Adventure travel is more than a series of zip-lining or adrenaline pumping challenges. Adventure travel is a feeling. An opportunity. To...

Where to Hike in Sedona

Red rocks that jut out into a crisp blue sky.  Formations that have weathered over time and through the elements. Taking a trip to Sedona offers an invitation – to get up close and personal with natural landscapes that change color as the sun rises or sets. Amidst all...

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