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Find your everyday wellness inspiration through travel in far-flung lands and your own backyard.


LiveDoGrow is a wellness lifestyle and travel blog.

As much as possible, LiveDoGrow tells the story of how to blend both an everyday wellness lifestyle and wanderlust adventures to tell the story of wellness travel. 

In simple terms that means that you will find stories of adventure, transformation, exploration and food set in far-flung places and my own backyard. 

In more detailed terms, that means that the stories on LiveDoGrow are meant to inspire, educate and raise awareness on ways to find everyday wellness wherever you are.

One some days that might involve hiking. On others walking or running. Still others might focus on kayaking or even a day at the spa. But also? There will be stories of food, of people and of experiences that make you reflect on life.

Stories that will make grow. 

LiveDoGrow is written by Elena Sonnino – aka, the chief Chaser of Dreams.

Here are a few stories to get you understand the why LiveDoGrow is so passionate about the power of wellness travel.

Elena's start with wellness travel

Finding the silver lining with cancer

The birth of an adventure junkie

A typical day at a wellness retreat and weight-loss spa

The power of a wellness retreat to open your eyes to new possibilities

Where to hike in Virginia

10 best airports for wellness infused layovers

How to start meditating


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