Meet Elena Sonnino...

A Chaser of Dreams...

The Short Version

Elena Sonnino is a life coach, yogini, runner, hiker, cancer survivor and chaser of dreams.

The longer version….

Elena Sonnino is a life coach.

Elena is a Martha Beck Certified life coach and works with women to help them find their why, live each day with more purpose and intention and practice determination without expectation.  Read about Elena’s decision to start life coach training.

Elena Sonnino is a yogini.

This feels so strange to write. Honestly, Elena didn’t even like yoga until just a few years ago and never would have considered herself a yogini. But she embraces the yogi lifestyle on and off the mat and will be starting her yoga teacher training journey in June 2016 to eventually be able to combine life coaching and yoga for a holistic approach to wellness. Read about Elena’s journey to loving yoga.

Elena Sonnino is a travel writer.

Elena’s life long passion is travel – specifically adventure travel whenever possible. She shares inspirational travel stories and experiences at LiveDoGrow focused on finding everyday wellness around the world in far-flungs lands and her own backyard.

Elena Sonnino is a wellness writer. 

Being diagnosed with Stage IIB Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 23 made Elena a fighter, and provided a perspective that was life altering. Life was no longer about watching, it was about doing – and most of all LIVING.

Elena Sonnino is an educator. 

Elena spent twelve years as a teacher, educational leader and mentor to elementary students.  Whether she was a classroom teacher or an advanced academic resource teacher, her focus was always on empowering students to develop independent and creative thinking. She continued her work within the education space to write curriculum to empower youth as advocates and an educational programs contributor and #TalkEarly parenting blogger and educational programs amplifier for

Elena Sonnino is an advocate.

On a mission to empower children to use social media for social good, Elena uses her voice as an advocate to raise awareness and support sustainable efforts around the globe. She works with non-profit organizations to craft engaging digital media strategies and campaigns. Elena is a Shot@Life UnFoundation Social Good Fellow and Shot@Life champion, a member of Bloggers4Haiti, a member of ONE Moms, and served on the American Cancer Society Blogger Advisory Council working to Finish the Fight against cancer… because she believes that each one of us can make a difference, big or small. Elena’s work and expertise has appeared on, The Huffington Post and The Stream on Al Jazeera America.

Elena Sonnino Wellness Travel Writer | LiveDoGrow
Elena Sonnino Wellness Travel Writer
elena sonnino wellness writer | LiveDoGrow
Meet Elena Sonnnino

Elena’s Personal and Professional Life Goals:

  • Work as a life coach with women who want to find flight in their own fight, by celebrating epic belly flops and finding adventure in the everyday
  • Lead a life coaching and yoga retreat along the W Trek in Patagonia
  • Learn how to master tripod headstand
  • Teach someone new to yoga to fly in crow pose
  • Visit a yoga or meditation retreat in Thailand
  • Publish an article about wellness, life coaching and adventure travel in a magazine
  • Run (or walk) an adventure marathon like the Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland or the Petra Desert Marathon
  • Learn to be a Reiki practicioner (Reiki Level I achieved in 2015)
  • Travel to Patagonia, Greenland, Jordan, Thailand, Glacier National Park, Costa Rica, and down the Nile River in Egypt
  • Take a mother daughter trip to Nepal
  • Climb Kilamanjaro with my daughter
  • Hike the Grand Canyon basin with my daughter
  • Learn to surf (or at least ride one wave) (Will try for the first time during a surf/yoga retreat in Panama, Jan. 2016)
  • Climb Mount Toubkal in Morocco
  • Climb Grand Teton Mountain

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