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To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse. Is it Worth It?

To detox or not to detox? That is the question. Over the last year, I have wondered whether or not I should do a three-day detox cleanse. I watched friends and acquaintances share cleanse experiences online, some with great success, others not so much. Honestly, I was apprehensive- should I really just drink juice for three days straight? [...]

An Insider’s Guide to Florence for Foodies

Pasta, olive oil, cheese and wine are what most people think of when they imagine eating in Florence (or Firenze for Italians). Except that those ingredients are just the beginning when it comes to food in this Tuscan mecca. A meal in Florence is like a trip within a trip, guiding foodies and travelers on a culinary [...]

Connect the Dots between Health and Sustainability

What do saving money, recycling and sharing photographs have in common? The short answer is: wellness- for us as individuals, for our families and for the global community. Johnson & Johnson is inspiring wellness this spring in TWO ways. (While this is a sponsored post by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, [...]

Guide A Lifetime of Healthy Habits

I cannot control what my daughter wants to be when she grows up. I cannot control her fashion preferences. I cannot control her school grades. What I can do as a parent is provide a foundation for lifetime of healthy habits. Healthy habits about nutrition, fitness, social responsibility and academic focus…and even, alcohol responsibility. As [...]

Six Must See Day Trips in Tuscany

Wine lovers, foodies and Italophiles dream of spending their days roaming the hills of Tuscany. Others imagine sun-flowered fields and tales of romance inspired by books like Under the Tuscan Sun. For many travelers, the idea of taking a trip to Tuscany symbolizes a lifelong dream. The million dollar question though, once you decide to travel [...]

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Elena spent twelve years teaching children to chase their dreams before finally taking her own advice. Elena writes about finding everyday wellness in life through travel, food and running. Drawing inspiration from her travels, her good and bad runs on the trail, her tween daughter, and from life as a cancer survivor- Elena is passionate about finding the silver lining even on the rainiest of days from her perch in the Washington DC suburbs.  Read more about Elena  or see where else Elena’s work has appeared .

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