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Finding Happiness During a Marathon and in Life

26.2 miles are a long distance when you are on foot. There are plenty of miles (and inches and yards) to reflect, to hope, to dream and even to cry. Sometimes you learn a lesson or two about yourself. But other times, you learn a lesson that you realize later – is...

Coca Leaves, Flamingoes and Pachamama in the Atacama Desert

Flamingoes, coca leaves, and gratitude. These are not the most obvious of images that come to mind when I think about a desert. But in the Atacama Desert of Chile, they are the foundation. Known as the driest desert in the world, the Atacama is flanked by volcanoes...

A One Day Walking Adventure in Santiago

With one day in Santiago, I knew better than to think I could see the whole city or even begin to understand it. I’d planned to spend my day in this Chilean capital city walking. With The Aubrey – a luxurious boutique hotel in the Barrio Bellavista as my base camp...

Giving In Instead of Giving Up

Big dreams. Big goals. 2015 was going to be my year. Summit a volcano. (Ok, technically this goal came late in the year but absolutely took on a life of its own.) See my own byline in a print magazine (or even a digital one). And… run my fifth marathon in less...

72 Hours in Charleston (With or Without Kids)

Charleston, South Carolina is a city that I’d always heard people rave about. I’ve heard things like… Charleston is charming. Charleston has a great food scene. There is so much great history in Charleston. Charleston is great with kids. So when I had the opportunity...

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