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48 Hours in Annapolis: A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Ego Alley – the narrow Annapolis waterfront where boaters like to dock – was overflooding into nearby parking lots as I looked out of hotel room window after checking in on a rainy Friday afternoon. Ducks swam in the road, curious as to why cars were approaching,...

How a Surf Retreat Taught Me More Than Surfing

I wanted to learn to surf. It wasn’t a rational desire, but ever since I stood on the beach watching children learn to surf in Sayulita, Mexico – I was determined. It was an admirable goal, except that I had a reasonable inkling that I’d be bad at it. Like really,...

20 Photos to Make You Want to Travel to Namibia

When I first told people that I was going to Namibia, the responses varied. My two favorites were “On safari?” or “Where is Namibia?” While many people associate any travel to sub-Saharan Africa as safari focused, Namibia offers so much more...

Find the Delicate Balance in Life

Setting goals was my thing. In some respects, goals are still my thing. But lately, I’ve come to realize that a goal is just a thing. And that what might be even more important than reaching the goals we set for ourselves, is the journey to get there. You could say...

24 Reasons to Visit Malta

“Why did you decide to visit Malta?” I was asked this question time and again by curious locals during our week on the island. “I’d seen pictures,” I’d respond. “And everyone who has been here raves about the charming towns...

What Are You Proud Of?

Once upon a time if you’d asked me what I was proud of, my mind would have turned to answers that involve BIG achievements. Achievements that I had to work hards to achieve or that are symbolic of major pivots in my life. Running a marathon (or 5). Leaving a career I...

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